Aventurine is a quartz mineral that is most often used to carve ornate animal or spiritual figures. Aventurescence is a term used to describe the shimmering of this stone that is caused by mica inclusions. The color is almost always green, however sometimes it is blue, or green with hints of blue, or brown.

This Stone is Aventurine/Green Quartz and is hand-made by Ernie from the Rough. Cutting, Shaping (Free Form), Grinding, and Polishing, and finishing with an 18-inch silver plated chain necklace. The stone is approximately 5 grams / 25 ct with bale. I take pride in my pieces and put a lot of time into finishing them. Great gift for any occasion. Please share your findings with family and friends. 

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Aventurine/Green Quartz Pendant/Necklace

SKU: AVQ-002-1