Arizona Lizard Stone Jasper This stone occurs in colors ranging from light to dark green. It promotes healing on all levels, allowing the body to reject the cause of the disease. Disorders of the skin and bloating are assisted by Arizona Lizard Stone. It alleviates headaches and provides emotional stability. Energy blockages that may lead to poor circulation can be removed through the use of this stone.  ***I am not a Doctor nor represent myself as any sort of medical person, The above information was obtained via the web.

This Arizona Lizard Stone Jasper is hand-made by Ernie from the Rough. Cutting, Shaping (Free Form), Grinding, and Polishing, and finishing with an 18" Green wax cord necklace. The stone is approximately 16 grams /80 ct. with copper wrap and bale. I take pride in my pieces and put a lot of time into finishing them.  A great gift for any occasion. Please share your findings with family and friends.
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Ernie & Carol

Arizona Lizard Stone Jasper Pendant w/Necklace

SKU: ALS-001-1